Natures Bucket List

I love portrait photography, that is my first passion, however, coming close in second is nature and animal photography. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE capturing creatures in all their furry or feathery glory! Scenic images, mountains, hills, trees, flowers, really anything that is outside is many of my favorite subjects.

I have a bucket list of animals that i want professional image of, the top two on the list are Bald Eagle and Foxes. And I got both!! I spotted a Bald Eagle in Port Washington, soaring over the road, I was so grateful that I had my camera with me. I got some pretty amazing images!! 8 months later, I got word of two kits near a road in Fredonia! I was so excited about seeing them, I went out in search and nothing prepared me for the amount of cuteness that over took me!

These kits are still pretty new but old enough to be outside of the den without mama. They have their orange coloring and golden eyes, and still the fluff!! The excitement that poured out of me can’t even be explained in words. The moment I edited them, I ordered canvas of each of them. I hope to continue capturing the wild on film as I do people.

To order prints, you can contact me at 262.483.7960.