Free Spirited and Full of Love

Have you heard the term a free spirit? If you look it up, I swear her photo should be there. She is the absolute definition of it. This girl is the most loving, caring, helpful child…on her own terms. I ALWAYS hear, “oh she takes such beautiful photos”, “she models so well for you”, “Gosh she is so beautiful and such a natural”. What people don’t know is, 90% of all images of dear sweet Kenna are unposed, raw, and she does whatever she wants. I take a million, ok, more like a hundred images for one photo that somewhat resembles what I am going for. And that is how life is with this child. Everything she does is on her own terms, stemming from birth!! (But that is a whole different story!! Ha!) But she is my favorite little girl to take photos of.

I have always LOVED to take “pictures”. All. The. Time. I have thousands (literally) of pictures from early on through 2016. I admired so many local photographers for creating such beautiful portraits of their children and other families. Being Envious of everyone’s work, drove me to learn this skill myself. Wanting to be able to have perfect, sometimes candid, images to hang on my walls. Therefore I learned. Studied. Mentored. To be able to take an image like this, to capture my children in their innocence and creative styles is everything I ever wanted. That passion grew to become a love for my own business. This dream has brought me so much joy and full of love, to create unique images for both my family and my clients.