A Rainbow Baby’s Cake Smash

After every storm, comes a rainbow. A rainbow baby is a baby born after a miscarriage. Your life is stopped and your loss is real; then comes this beautiful baby, a ray of sunshine, hope, and love. Little Jeremiah here is the perfect gift to his family after the loss of a daughter/sister. His mom had contacted me, knowing she wanted to celebrate his first birthday in a very special way. This is where my job means everything to me, I get to create and craft a beautiful set up for such a special meaning, and totally worth all the hard work!! Little man here DESTROYED his cake in less than 10 minutes!! He loved squishing the cake in between his fingers!

Creating a smash cake session is so much fun! For this one, I knew I wanted a hot air balloon theme, but I had to craft it! From creating the poles to the balloon garland. Once I saw everything together, I knew it was perfect! I will admit, after everything, I was really nervous how Jeremiah would be with a cake, and let me clarify that! Cake smashes go one of two ways, they love it or they hate it!! If they hate it, well that is never fun for anyone, but he LOVED his… Not so much the taste, he was fine just getting messy! He turned his cake into a soupy mess of frosting in less than 10 minutes!! (a record for me!! haha!) What fun images we got of him slipping, sliding, squishing the cake!

Mom apologized for the mess, but OMG that is the WHOLE POINT of this session!! The mess is fabulous and memories are made for everyone!! I love my cake smash sessions and look forward to so many more!!